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Travel Information for a Dunk Island Resort and Holidays, Queensland, Australia

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Dunk Island

Why should you come to Dunk Island for a holiday? Well probably because Queenslands, Dunk Island Australia has a reputation as one of the best family resorts in Australia. It is located south of Cairns and offshore from the beautiful coastal town of Mission Beach. Dunk Island is blessed with its own airport so you can fly directly there from Cairns or you can take the relaxing ferry ride from Clump Point at Mission Beach. In March 2007, the category five cyclone called Larry made a direct hit on Dunk Island and destroyed much of the accommodation and the beautiful gardens that surround it. The resort was closed for a period of time while new accommodation was built and the effluxion of time has seen the gardens restored to their former glory. The new Dunk Island resort is now waiting for you.

The resort is built on the inshore side of the island and faces onto a beautiful sandy beach. There are three different types of accommodation which are the garden rooms and family rooms, the beach front rooms and the Beachfront Suites. The island is the home of the Spa of Peace and Plenty, which is set in a glorious rainforest setting and provides fantastic pampering for tired mums while dad is out on the golf course or playing squash and the kids are playing in the pool, imprisoned in the kids club, or enjoying the islands water sports.

Dunk Island Pool

The whole of Dunk Island is a National Park and it is spectacularly beautiful. Not only are some parts of it covered with rainforest, but others include high hills with sensational panoramic vistas from the top and there are a number of bushwalks that will take you to the most scenic parts of the island. The activities available here are almost never ending and the family can be involved in many things like archery, windsurfing, tennis, golf, squash, fishing, swimming, diving, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, eating and drinking , plus a few more I forgot to mention. There are four restaurants, a bar and two swimming pools and an island atmosphere that is the envy of other tropical resorts.

Dunk Island is one of the most enjoyable family holiday destinations in Australia.

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