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Travel Information for a Holiday to Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia.

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Fraser Island

Did you ever go some where and get blown away by the sheer beauty of what you saw? Well Fraser Island off the south east coast of Queensland, Australia is just that sort of place. This is the largest sand island in the world and is a National Park that is world heritage listed. This is a place of many contrasts and a place where you would imagine, given its makeup, that there would not be much more than sand hills to be seen. Well you couldnt be more wrong. Fraser Island, being the enigma that it is, contains some of Australias most perfect rainforests and some of the most beautiful lakes and streams anywhere on the planet.

Over the years the island has been attacked by man, seeking to exploit its natural resources. It went through a period of sand mining which destroyed great tracts of the natural environment. The timber resources on the island were logged for generations and the Suez Canal was lined with satinay timber cut from Fraser Island and shipped to Egypt. This is one of the hardest timbers known to man and impervious to marine worms. Protests lasted for years before authorities relented and both sand mining and logging practices were banned. Today, the island has regenerated and both of these industries are nothing but memories.

Fraser Island Rainforest

For Australians, Fraser island is one of the countries most popular holiday destinations. It is a paradise for four wheel drive enthusiasts as there are no roads. The original logging tracks and the main ocean beach are the main highways. Camping areas with facilities exist in three or four different parts of the island. Some of the most important beauty spots on the island include Central Station, Lake MacKenzie, The Ocean beach, the Maheno Shipwreck, the Coloured Sands, Indian Head, the Champagne Pools, Lake Wabby, and the Yidney Scrub rainforest.

Accommodation on Fraser Island can be found in a number of locations in both resorts and holiday houses and camping is very popular. Organised tours of the islands beauty spots are available from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach.

If you are visiting Australia, then Fraser Island should be the first of the must see tourist destinations that you put on your list.

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