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Travel and holiday Information for Heron Island Resort, Great barrier reef, Queensland, Australia.

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Heron Island Resort

Just a drop in the ocean? That was the advertising anchor for Heron Island Resort for many of its earlier years when promoting this fantastic resort. Heron Island in Queensland, Australia, is a true tropical cay situated right on the outer Great Barrier Reef in the Capricorn section. This section of the reef is very special. It lies further off the coast than some of the more northerly sections and there are fewer large river systems discharging agricultural runoff into the local oceans. For these reasons, the waters around Heron Island are clearer and less polluted than other sections of the reef. This makes diving here a much more enjoyable experience and diving visibility here usually exceeds twenty meters. Heron Island is not only the site of a fabulous resort, but it is the location of the most important research station in barrier reef waters.

Heron Island Beach

The resort is accessed from Gladstone and both helicopter transfers and a fast catamaran ferry offer regular services. When you get there, you will find a true coral cay which is an island formed by the build up of broken corals and sand which is washed to the leeward side of the reef. Over time vegetation begins to grow and an individual ecosystem develops. Heron Island is now an important breeding colony for many different species of sea birds and also a rookery for nesting sea turtles. When you visit the island, you will be able to see and find out all about them. The most important attraction here is obviously the reef itself. Keen divers and coral researchers come to Heron Island by the thousands and international tourists who want to see the best of the Great Barrier Reef also stay here. The resort itself is excellent with several different types of accommodation a different standards being available. The restaurant and its food is fantastic and it has one of the best reputations of all the Australian island resorts for its culinary achievements.

For the tourist, you can just walk in off the beach and begin snorkeling or you can take a diving course and become a fully accredited scuba diver. This accreditation will mean that you can then go on more advanced dives in any region you want to travel to. For a resort experience that will introduce you to one of the great wonders of the world, come and stay at Heron Island and experience this fantastic attraction personally.

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