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Holiday Information for Lord Howe Island

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Aerial view of Lord Howe Island

The most beautiful island in the South Pacific is undoubtedly Lord Howe Island. Scenically, it is a masterpiece. Two mountain peaks tower over rain forested slopes, while beautiful beaches fringe the emerald waters in the numerous bays and coral lagoons provide a fantastic swimming, diving and fishing destination. It is actually a part of New South Wales and has its own postcode but it is like nothing else you have ever seen. The native kentia palm has been a hit with landscapers and now graces gardens in many other places in the world. As a holiday destination it is unbeatable. It is large enough to be able to provide agricultural produce but tourism is the mainstay of its economy. The population is capped and those wishing to move there must have the approval of other local residents. Tourist numbers are also capped to reduce the impact on the local environment. It has its own airport with regular flights from Sydney and Brisbane, and a regular shipping service that operates from Yamba on the Australian East Coast.

Lord Howe Island

There are virtually no motor vehicles on the island and the bicycle is the most popular mode of transport. Walking trails provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for tourists to become bushwalkers and explore the beauty of the island. Activities on the island provide a holiday with all the popular things that Australians like to do. There is a great golf course. Fishing and diving charters here are nearly always booked out and anglers come from all over the world to fish for kingfish around the spectacular Balls Pyramid, which is a rocky outcrop near Lord Howe Island. The coral lagoon which contains the southernmost coral reef in the world is popular with divers and many cruising yachts call in here on their trans Tasman crossing.

There are a number of holiday resorts on the island which range from three star rating to one of the most luxurious resorts you can imagine. Capella Lodge is just a magnificent place to stay if you can afford it. Local souvenir shopping, restaurants and cafes provide alfresco dining in true island fashion and the holiday atmosphere here will rival that of any other popular tourist destination.

When considering the destination for your next holiday, do yourself a favour and chose Lord Howe Island.

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