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Travel and holiday Information for Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island

When we think about a holiday to Norfolk Island our mind automatically goes back into Australias historic past and it evokes images of a convict settlement and the hardships that our forebears withstood in the very early days of our nation. The historic links that bind Australia, Britain, Tahiti, Pitcairn Island and Australia together are the roots of what the island represents today. Initially, Britain was seeking a new place to house its most violent prisoners and that place needed to be escape proof but still large enough to be able to produce enough food to feed the prisoners and staff. Norfolk Island fitted this bill perfectly and the convict settlement that was established there had a reputation for hardship and brutality. The ruins of this original settlement are a part of the tourist appeal that the island has today.

Norfolk Island

Captain William Bligh aboard his ship the Bounty visited Tahiti on a voyage through the South Pacific Islands. After this visit and he and his crew had enjoyed the island hospitality, Bligh continued his voyage and while in the vicinity of the Cook Islands the historic mutiny against Bligh took place and Fletcher Christian and the crew set Bligh adrift in a lifeboat and then returned to Tahiti. These men took native brides from Tahiti and then sailed eastward to the remote Pittcairn Island where they scuttled the Bounty and established a settlement. Bligh, in a great feat of seamanship, sailed his lifeboat across the Pacific, through Torres Strait and on to Timor where there was a British settlement. The descendants of the mutineers became the Pittcairn Islanders and at a later time were moved to Norfolk Island as their new home. Today, they make up the majority of the population and the names of the original mutineers are now common among the population of Norfolk islanders.

Today Norfolk Island is a holiday paradise. Its signature, Norfolk Island Pine tree, dominates the landscape. Tourism and agriculture are the main drivers of its economy and it is a duty free shopping destination. It has an airport with regular flights from both Australia and New Zealand and there is modern accommodation and excellent restaurants, cafes and shopping. Norfolk Island is a place where you really can step back in time and see the results of some of the most historic events that affected the early growth of Australia.

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