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Travel information for Phillip Island Holidays , Australia

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Phillip Island

Phillip Island lies off the southern end of Westernport Bay on the south coast of Victoria, Australia. It is only a short distance from Victorias capital city of Melbourne. For generations now, Phillip Island has been a favorite holiday destination and the place where all Melbournians like to take visiting guests to experience the local wildlife. Phillip Island today is mostly an agricultural region and farmlands stretch across most of the landscape. The town of Cowes is the largest on the island and it is the most popular holiday location and most of the islands accommodation is located there. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge which provides access for visitors.

There are many reasons to come to Phillip Island. There is a race track there which is one of the most scenic in Australia. It is home to the Australian Moto GP and also one of the rounds of the annual V8 supercar series is held there every year. At these times the island roars into life with petrol heads from around the country descending on the islands like a plague of locusts. All the islands services are stretched to the limit and the accommodation is booked out way in advance.

Penguins on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a haven for some of Australias unique wildlife species. There is a large colony of koala on the island and there is also a koala sanctuary where you can get up very close and personal with these cuddly little critters. You will also be able to see them in there natural state in some of the remnant forest sections still remaining on the island. On the south western extremity of the island, the coastline is wild and windswept, and here on the local beaches, you can come and see the local fairy penguins as they leave the ocean and make their way up the beach into the sandunes to find their nesting burrows and then feed their hatchlings. There is also a local seal colony on a rocky outcrop off the headland and local cruises will take you out for a close up view.

The southern beaches on the island are one of Victorias favorite surfing destinations and there are several great locations to choose from. Any visit to Phillip Island will be filled with fantastic activities to occupy you holiday time.

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